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Break Through Your Limitations and Achieve Greater Success

Break Through Your Limitations and Achieve Greater Success - The Success Acceleration Planner

Along any self-development journey, it eventually becomes obvious that the biggest enemy you have is yourself. Between your limiting beliefs and negative habits, there really isn't anyone in your way besides yourself.
We often ask too little of ourselves and doubt our ability to succeed in the future based on our previous struggles.

The following techniques will help you break through your limitations:

1. Define your goals and commit to them.

Make your goals bigger and better, and stick with them. Think about the worst parts of your life and start there. It's the lowest-rated parts of your life that create your limits and stifle your happiness.
Raise your standards. Most people set goals that are too small. Set bigger goals and then figure out how to attain them quicker. With a good enough plan, hard work and persistence, you can accomplish them a lot quicker. Make sure you use a good Planner/Journal, such as the guided Success Acceleration Planner, to help you define and attain your goals faster.

2. Decide what you will no longer tolerate from yourself.

You put up with a lot from yourself. Procrastination, distractions from working toward your goals, making excuses for not making it to the gym regularly may be common scenarios in your life. When you accept poor behavior from yourself, you will get poor results.
Make a list of all the things you will no longer do or accept. If you want to rise to a new level in any endeavor, it's important to eliminate attitudes and behaviors that get in the way. Use the "Distractions I must eliminate in order to achieve my goals" section in the Success Acceleration Planner.

3. Define the five most important behaviors for your future.

What are five things you can do each day that will transform your life? Look to your goals for guidance. A few examples:
Call or email at least 10 potential clients each day.
Write one page or one article each day.
Sell 10 products every day.
Do 40 situps every day.
Run 1 mile (or more) every day.
Meditate 15 minutes every day.
Talk to one new person that could either be a potential friend or partner.

The things you do each day matter. If you look at your average current
day, it's easy to see why your life is exactly as it is. What can you do each
day that will guarantee that next year will be amazing?

Use the Morning Intentions Page in the Success Acceleration Planner to set your five most important goals for the day that will have the biggest impact on reaching your goals, as well as keep track of your habits.

4. Find a quality mentor.

Good mentors can be hard to find, but it's one of the best ways to rise above yourself. You think you know your weak spots, but you only see some of them. Your ego is hiding them from you. There may also be a few things you think you are good at but aren't. A good mentor will be able to see the truth.

5. Evaluate each day in writing.

At the end of the day, make a list of the things you did right and those things you did wrong. Promise yourself to do fewer of the wrong things and more of the good things going forward.
Use the Evening Reflections page in the Success Acceleration Planner, specifically the "I accomplished today" and "Things to improve/Lessons Learned" sections.

6. Learn.

Determine the three things you need to learn this year to have a great year. Where are you lacking? What skills do you want to develop or strengthen?
You should always be learning something, but ensure you are learning what will matter the most. Write down what you learn so you can review it again later.

7. Enhance your ability to focus.

If you can't focus, you can't accomplish much of anything. Try using a timer, learn to meditate, make a list, use a Planner.
The ability to focus comes with practice. You know you can do better than you have been. It is necessary to dig into your weaknesses and get to work on yourself. Raise your expectations and personal standards.

Evaluate yourself daily, strive for continuous improvement, and find a mentor for help if needed. Recognizing how you are your own worst enemy and becoming your own best friend is the work every one of us has to do. Break through your self-imposed limitations and success will be yours!

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